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Contemporary Classical Music
Contemporary classical music is among the most immersive genres of music in the world. It is a work of art that has brought joy to millions throughout history. It can calm and relax an individual, as well as provide the perfect setting for various occasions. Classical music is highly versatile, taking many different forms. Most classical pieces can be listened to in different versions, from single composers to full orchestras. Many who may want to start listening to contemporary classical music might not know where or how to start, which brings us to the following guide. Anyone can get into contemporary classical music by adhering to this simple advice.

Start Small

Contemporary classical music can be overwhelming, considering the sheer amount of music out there to be heard, not to mention unique composers, bands, orchestras, and so on. One should start small when trying to get into classical music, beginning with, perhaps, the classics, like Beethoven, Vivaldi or Bach. Spotify and YouTube are both full of contemporary classical artists. A few great YouTube channels to start with are NewMusicXX, John11inch, and P0lyPh0nix, though there are hundreds of others. Furthermore, there are countless playlists on the internet specifically tailored to newcomers to classical music. How one goes about starting their journey into classical music is entirely up to the individual, but the resources are definitely in existence.


As a genre of music, contemporary classical offers listeners plenty of exploration. New composers and compositions are emerging every day, but, in addition to fresh artists, there is an extensive catalog of songs that have stood against the test of time for generations. In fact, contemporary classical music has been a staple of human history, dating back as far as the Renaissance. The style has enriched the lives of many important people throughout time and continues to impact our culture and society to this day.

A Few Recommendations

There are quite a few more obscure composers out there to be found, so you should take some time to experiment outside of the household names. Some recommendations include:

  • Milton Babbitt
  • Giacinto Scelsi
  • Mauricio Kagel
  • Steve Martland
  • Michael Gordon
  • Mark-Anthony Turnage
  • James MacMillan
  • Henryk Górecki
  • Krzysztof Penderecki